gabeaul When Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10122 earlier this week it had one major issue according to Gabe Aul and now that issue has been quickly addressed. What was originally forecast to take a week or so has been accomplished in just a couple of days with the release of a new AMD graphics driver for the latest build of Windows 10. The news came from the Ring Master himself over his primary communications tool - Twitter:
Hey #WindowsInsiders, AMD has released some new drivers which should work great with build 10122. Check WU for updates.
I watch a lot of tech videos throughout a normal day and I was honestly worried how badly this bug would be in build 10122 since they made such a big deal about it. However, I only had one video related crash in Microsoft Edge so while I am glad the new drivers are here it was not nearly the issue it was made out to be. source : , GabeAul Twitter  

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