The screen on the iPhone 7 rumored to use sapphire material that is believed to have endurance and strength better than the screen material used on the iPhone version of its predecessor. In addition, Apple also will improve body kulaitas previously experienced issues "bendgate" where the body of the iPhone 6 is bent. For the material itself, rumored iPhone 7 will use a liquid metal material that is much better and resistant to issues bent, as seen on the iPhone 6 Plus. Touch ID as a fingerprint sensor that is stored along with the Home button also reportedly will have an additional option to the user in the form fasilitast order daoat eliminate Home function. iPhone 7 will also be fitted with four core A8 processor. As for the memory capacity embedded in the iPhone 7 is predicted to have increased exponentially, because Apple will immerse the memory capacity of up to 256GB. As for the features of the camera, reportedly iPhone 7 also will be equipped with 14 megapixel camera capabilities. Rumors are also mentioned that the next iPhone will be loaded with 7 projector function, this is similar to what has been done by Samsung for Galaxy Beam smartphone that some time ago that had pinned projector features in it. Although to rumors that this one seemed to come out of the 'style' of Apple. iPhone 7 is expected to be introduced to the market in 2015, and the new features are more qualified, confirmed the price of the iPhone 7 will be much more expensive than the price offered for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Source: PhoneArena

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