Apple was a startup a long time ago, and now, thanks to the App Store that serves as a launching pad for startups all over the world, it aims to help new businesses get off the ground and reach millions of people all over the globe.

According to information gathered by the publication Mac4Ever, it looks like Apple could be planning on joining what is called the largest startup facility in the world, and one of the largest centers on the planet for entrepreneurs. It’s called Station F, and Apple is reportedly set to launch a small team there to help promote the iOS App Store, and, most importantly, help create apps for the digital storefront.

It’s already been noted today that Tim Cook, Appel’s CEO, is currently making some high-profile stops in Europe, including stopping at an iPhone X supplier and speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron. With Station F’s location in Paris, it would make sense that Apple would make an announcement regarding its presence there while Cook was in the area.

Apple would just be one more giant corporation joining the presence at Station F. Some of the other biggest entities on hand are Microsoft, Ubisoft, Facebook, and others.

From the publication, translated:

“The arrival of Apple at Station F has been repeatedly confirmed by several relatively reliable sources , even if the managers of the center did not wish to comment on the information until then. The Cupertino firm prefers to reserve the premiere of such a launch, and the arrival of Tim Cook today at the Elysee – and probably for a few days in France – would be the ideal opportunity to obtain a good media visibility .”

The focus on apps is not a new one for Apple. The company has its own app accelerator development presence in Bangalore, for instance. And Apple uses its physical retail sites all over the globe to push app development and coding.

[Source: iPhoneHacks]

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