Apple released tvOS 11 to the public recently, and now beta seeds for the set-top box’s upcoming software update are in the wild.

Apple today officially seeded the second developer beta of tvOS 11.1. The new software is available for registered developers, and can be downloaded onto the set-top box via a profile that is installed via Xcode. From there, developers should be able to test out the pre-release software ahead of its public launch.

At the time of publication, there are no new features discovered in the pre-release software. The new update is likely to focus on performance improvements and bug fixes, all of which will be dealt with behind-the-scenes. It is possible that Apple will include forward-facing features for the end user in this update, and, if that is the case, we will update this post to reflect those new additions.

It is not a secret that tvOS 11 in general was a pretty minor update in the grand scheme of things. It does now support AirPods, and the software also includes the ability to automatically switch between light and dark themes as well. Otherwise, the software update for the set-top box was pretty mild.

The major focus for Apple TV this year was the hardware, with the Apple TV 4K being announced, along with 4K HDR content being supported via iTunes.

[Source: iPhoneHacks]

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