While Apple is keeping the majority of announcements surrounding tvOS 11 quiet until later this year, that isn’t stopping the company from issuing new betas for developers.

Today, Apple has seeded the tenth developer beta for tvOS 11. Like the other major updates for the platform, this one has new features baked into it for Apple TV owners. One of those new features is the arrival of Amazon Prime Video, which Apple was more than happy to announce during WWDC this year.

To test the latest generation of tvOS, the Apple TV 4 must be connected to a computer via the USB-C cable, and installing the latest software by that means. The software can be downloaded from the dedicated developers website.

While Apple wasn’t keen on revealing too much information regarding the next big update for tvOS on stage at WWDC this year, in the weeks since the keynote some interesting details have emerged. Most interesting, we recently saw that Apple is starting to tag certain movies within iTunes as “4K, HDR.” Right now that doesn’t mean anything, as that format isn’t supported by the Apple TV, but it could be a clear indicator of things coming down the pipe. Rumor has it that Apple may unveil a fifth-generation Apple TV at some point before the end of 2017, which would support 4K HDR content, something that the fourth-generation was seen as missing when it launched.

Apple is certainly late to the game in supporting 4K HDR content, but with the juggernaut that iTunes is, it would already have a huge library of titles at the ready if it does launch support soon.

If any new features are discovered in the tenth developer beta, we will update this post accordingly.

[Source: iPhoneHacks]

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