Finally the time has come. After some time ago, BurstNet in the acquisition by Digiplus, and finally they decided to dismiss all his service, except for co-location. Maybe it's time for BurstNet to clean up. As a former customer BurstNet, I was very surprised by this news. BurstNet has been in service for more than a decade. As a large company that may have a lot of employees, it is unfortunate to decide this shutdown. BurstNET will not be allowing clients to renew service subscriptions other than colocation, and will be shutting down these services on July 25, 2014, according to a message sent to its clients Tuesday. There is some information from the internet forums, that this is actually just a business trick, to clean up a big name, and create a new business with a new name. well, we'll see.
Dear BurstNET client, It is with great regret that we inform you that all of your services with BurstNET will be terminating on your next billing cycle/renewal/current expiration of purchased services but in all cases no later than July 25th, 2014. If you are a CO-Location client you can disregard this message. Your services will persist. You will have until July 24th to migrate your services to other providers. On July 25th all services will be terminated. We apologize for any inconveniences and wish you and your businesses great success. Sincerely, BurstNET
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