It’s time to pass off the “Vacation” franchise to Ed Helms, who will take over as Rusty Griswold. He too dreams of taking his family on a road trip they’ll never forget. Chevy Chase and Beverly D’ Angelo reprise their roles as Clark and Ellen, while Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth and Leslie Mann join in on the fun. Mann will play Audrey Griswold, with Hemsworth being her extremely inappropriate husband Stone Crandall, a rising star as an anchorman.

“Vacation” was originally scheduled for an Oct.9 release, but Warner Bros. moved it up to July 31 in a big show of confidence. Warner is hoping this will attract moviegoers not interested in watching Tom Cruise hang from planes in “Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation.”

Will you make these Griswolds part of your summer?



[Source: TechnologyTell]

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