Oh no! I’m so sorry, it’s The Moops

As evidenced by mistakes involving both the Supreme Court decision and the NBA Draft, Twitter appears to have an autocomplete problem (Gawker, Business Insider)

Where you wondering about all those “Moops” jokes, and how the Supreme Court healthcare decision relates to the Bubble Boy? An explainer from last year (Salon)

A “Final Countdown” fan theory that has nothing to do with GOB Bluth (Reddit)

Alyssa Rosenberg was a history of white supremacists in pop culture (Washington Post)

Rosenberg again, on how the Kevin Kline movie “In & Out” helped pave the way for equality (Washington Post)

Did anyone else accidentally call “Inside Out” “In & Out”? Speaking of the former, there will be no sequel, at least as of now (Screen Rant)

The last stand of the Confederate flag may be... country music (The Daily Beast)

I read all these books in elementary school, and I agree (The Toast)

And finally, I spent the last three days at CE Week in New York City. Check out highlights here:

[Source: TechnologyTell]

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