After previousy declained to comment, finally North Korea voiced.  A diplomat of the country denied the accusations of being the mastermind behind the case of Internet attacks against Sony Pictures on Monday (24/11) ago. "My country openly declared that it would still follow international norms prohibiting acts of hacking and piracy," he said.

Spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry who was not named, said there would be serious consequences if Washington refused to do so. "There will be serious consequences if they refuse to agree to a joint investigation and kept accusing Pyongyang (which hacked)," the spokesman said as the official KCNA news agency and reported by Reuters on Saturday (12/20/2014).

"We propose to conduct a joint investigation with the US in response to slander committed by the United States to mobilize public opinion," said a spokesman for North Korea.

Investigators revealed the findings of a connection to the North in the form of a similar tool as used on the country's previous cyber attacks against South Korea. Some people also associate it with movies hacking Kim Jong Un, The Interview, ready circulated Sony.

Last June, the North Korea had called for the UN and the US to block the film because of the stigma aimed to them. In the film, described North Korea as a country that implement martial law and 'sponsor of terrorism'.

According to the plan, on December 25 or Christmas Day Sony will release 'The Interview', starring James Franco and Seth Rogen as a journalist from the United States (US). They were recruited by the CIA to kill Kim as an authoritarian leader after doing the interview.



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