The iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled on September 12, and, ultimately, launch into the world just a couple of weeks later.

The Wall Street Journal has a report detailing a look at the production of the iPhone 8, and says that the device’s production has been delayed by a month, which is sending “jitters” for Apple leading into the holiday season. The story itself isn’t too far apart from what has been reported on a semi-regular basis for months now, suggesting that stock for the upcoming flagship iPhone will be pretty tight right after launch.

“The production glitches led to a setback of about a month in the manufacturing timetable. Foxconn Technology Group, the Apple contractor that assembles iPhones, has been ramping up production at its manufacturing complex in Zhengzhou, China. The company is paying bonuses to employees who can help bring new hires on board at its Zhengzhou plant, which Foxconn said in June employs about 250,000 people.”

As to the reason why the production has hit a snag, it is in part due to the process taking more steps than previous iPhone models, and “more layers of adhesive and protective film” than are involved with Samsung’s manufacturing processes for other OLED displays.

“The iPhone manufacturing process requires more steps and more layers of adhesive and protective film than are involved in Samsung's manufacturing process, the person familiar with the process said, creating a greater risk of manufacturing error.”

Reports have indicated that Apple is relying solely on Samsung Display for its own OLED displays, so if there is a strain on the production process, it would certainly reverberate to stock amount after it launches. Apple’s own forecasts had suggested there wouldn’t be any kind of delay in the launch, and this report doesn’t indicate that there will be a delay to the launch, either. Just that stock would be pretty tight at launch.

[Source: iPhoneHacks]

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