A small video uploaded on YouTube shows someone playing around with an iPhone X. The video does not reveal anything new about the device but does show off a new dynamic wallpaper on the device. The iPhone X goes up for pre-order on October 27 and releases on November 3, so it is unclear how this person got his hands on the iPhone X before its release.

The new dynamic wallpaper is likely going to be exclusive to the iPhone X when it launches later this month. Apple will probably also include more exclusive wallpapers on the iPhone X to show off its beautiful OLED screen. The small video also shows Face ID trying to unlock the device but failing since it cannot recognise the user’s face.

Another iPhone X in the wild from apple

In addition, some photos of another iPhone X in the wild have also been posted. Again, the photos don’t reveal anything new about the device, though I must say that the iPhone X looks better in real-life photos compared to the press photos from Apple.

Another iPhone X in the wild (3 Photos) from apple

[Source: iPhoneHacks]

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