how-old-are-you How Old Are You ? Recently release the new Microsoft website that able to guess your age base on the picture you submitted. You must taste the Face detection technology created by Microsoft Team. Thousands of users has try this, and submitted to their twitter account, because it is easy to use. Simply upload your poto and the system will guess your age that will appear at the top of your face. Indonesian twitter user, @CenayangFilm also uploaded photo twitter. Surprisingly, not only human face was recognized by the software, but also 'the not seen' thing was also recognized. see the picture below. CEAsiJaUIAAibsy Not just it, another photo found on internet that similar as above. There are many 'the not seen' thingĀ  recognized by the software. 20150507013147 We don't know does this pictures are photoshopped or maybe there is a bug in Microsoft Face Recognition Technology.   Image source :
  • @CenayangFilm
  • google image.

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