Although Samsung's original Galaxy Gear is about to turn two years old, and the highly anticipated Apple Watch has barely been in (digital) stores for a couple of months, in some respects, the Tizen and Android wearable manufacturers must play catch-up to the iOS designers, and not the other way around.

Case in point, wrist payments. Apple Pay lets you seamlessly and securely carry your wallet around without needing an actual wallet or physical credit card, while no member of the Koreans' Gear family can come close to the futuristic, uber-convenient technology. Yet.

Rumor is Samsung Pay, which was introduced alongside the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones but delayed for some reason, will eventually debut in the fall, on the Galaxy Note 5 and Gear A, aka Orbis. Granted, we're paraphrasing and extrapolating based on an Electronic Times newspaper report in Sammy's homeland.

The original story vaguely calls for an unnamed NFC-enabled Samsung smartwatch "to be launched in the second half of the year." So, technically, this could be something other than the circular, Tizen-powered "Orbis", and it doesn't have to break cover in September, at IFA, next to the Note 5 phablet. But come on, does anyone still believe in massive coincidences like this?

We're pretty sure a highly advanced, premium in every way Gear A is coming, with standalone voice call capabilities and the works. Clearly, that's also the prime candidate for wearable mobile payment road-paving.

[Source: TechnologyTell]

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