From Japanese twitter user Hiromichi Shoji @sinomoritsukasa, made his own apple watch from real Big red Apple Fruit after the U.S. tech announced the new waerable gadget. The best thing of sinomoritsukasa "Apple Watch" does'nt need any battery or power source, so that it is classic and unique. This Apple watch has totally different feature, it can't sync with your computer or smartphone, can't download, and also you can't change to the correct time. But Shoji’s apple timepiece has proved an Internet hit after pipping the Californian manufacturer to the post. Picture of his watch were retweeted more than 30,000 times in five hours in multi-languages. “I got an Apple Watch already! Its website is lovely with nice visuals and text describing it" shoji said in his twit. In online exchanges with AFP, Shoji said he was happy to share his joke with the rest of the world, but admitted in another tweet: “(Making the watch) was the most pointless two hours of my life.” So, share this article and retweet if you like Shoji's Apple Watch image and Article reference :

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