Bandai Namco's beloved Pac-Man arcade game turned 35 earlier this year, and the company celebrated the occasion with a revamp of the original title on iOS -- but it's only with the recent release of Pac-Man 256 that the title has truly come of age.

Available on Android and iOS, Pac-Man 256 features an endless map that you can play in landscape or portrait mode. As with the original, you still have to chomp away at all the Pac-Dots you can reach while avoiding ghosts -- but you also have to escape the dreaded glitch.

Inspired by the infamous kill screen from level 256 in the first edition of Pac-Man, the glitch eats away at the bottom of the map and can get you too, if you're not quick enough.

The new title also throws in some neat power-ups, like a laser to effortlessly vaporize ghosts in your path, and another to freeze them in their tracks.

The game features a polished retro-inspired look and its fast-paced gameplay makes it easy to lose track of time as you strive to beat your last top score.

In-app purchases allow you to buy credits for more power-ups and to continue playing after you've died, but you can get by for a long while without spending a dime.

[Source: TheNextWeb]

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