Socializing in cyberspace is no longer only on social networks with text format. Later came the offer Instagram photo sharing concept. There are now a social media video which was popular, Meerkat App and Periscope. Meerkat App and Periscope allows users to share video streaming. Users can provide mark like or comment on video. Access from mobile devices. Periscope can be said to be similar but not identical with the meerkats. The difference is, while watching video in this app, there is a menu option that gives rise to the GPS location of the uploaded video. "Anyone can watch the video in the Periscope," said CNET. Watched videos can also be shared through Twitter. Periscope is one focus Twitter this year, in addition to the development of content and increase user comfort. Twitter too optimistic Periscope will become a favorite. "There is no other company that launched applications such as Periscope," said Chief Executive Officer of Twitter, Dick Costolo. Source: CNET

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