The iPhone X is basically in a constant rumor mill loop these days, where the primary focus is pretty simple: Stock for the upcoming flagship is going to be very, very tight.

The reason for this, according to all those rumors and reports, is production issues, ranging from small to large. In the latest issue, from Nikkei Asian Review, Apple is facing current issues with the yield of its 3D sensor. Specifically, Apple is reportedly seeing production volumes that are so low they can be counted in the tens of thousands of units per day. Which, if that is accurate, could mean that pre-orders for the iPhone X may not be fulfilled until the early part of 2018, following the November 7 launch.

“Two executives working for iPhone suppliers told Nikkei Asian Review that 3-D sensor part makers are still struggling to reach a satisfactory level of output, and to boost their yield rate. This rate measures the number of usable or saleable units from a batch of components or final products produced. A low yield rate is likely to hurt a company’s margins and bottom line.

Both sources were unable to offer clarity on whether Apple could meet large orders after iPhone X’s launch. One of the sources said that iPhone X was being churned out in small quantities, around some tens of thousands daily.”

It’s worth noting, though, that in this particular report, the unnamed sources are suggesting that the 3D sensor yield rate is the only thing holding the iPhone X production back. It’s not a secret that Apple is using new components basically across the board for the iPhone X, which is significant change for its production lines. And these types of reports, where Apple is facing some kind of production delay, are not thinning by any means.

Still, that won’t stop pre-orders. Apple will give the green light on those beginning October 27. As mentioned above, the handset will go on sale, or at least start shipping to pre-order customers, on November 3.

Are you planning on pre-ordering the iPhone X?

[Source: iPhoneHacks]

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