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When those sassy a cappella Bellas returned to the big screen for this year’s ‘Pitch Perfect 2,’ few could have imagined the reception these feisty females would receive. The original, which cost a mere $17 million to make, raked in an astonishing $115 million worldwide. So naturally, a sequel was in order. But the studio had to think that a return to the singing showdown franchise, complete with a first time director (actress Elizabeth Banks) would have a hard time wowing audiences worldwide. They were wrong. While ‘Pitch Perfect 2‘ cost $29 million this time around (gotta pay your returning stars), it’s managed to bank nearly $253 million and counting.

So, to no one’s surprise, Universal has already greenlit ‘Pitch Perfect 3.’ According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is revving up the third installment in the series. They are already in negotiations with screenwriter Kay Cannon (who wrote one and two) and are pursuing stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson (whose Fat Amy is the clear PP breakout star). There are also rumors that Universal could dump the two leads for less costly options. They already have ‘Pitch Perfect 2”s Hailee Steinfeld sealed up for another installment.

All of which begs the question – why are these films so popular? They aren’t traditional musicals, and yet many people feel that their clever cover version conceit falls into the lost film genre. For many, the female-ccentric premise plays (pitch) perfectly into the current pro-woman position in Hollywood (superhero movies aside). Maybe it’s just a question of talent, and there is no denying that Kendrick, Wilson, and Banks are skilled performers. Whatever the case, look forward to ‘Pitch Perfect 3′ sometime in the near future. When money talks, the studios are always willing to listen, and pile on.

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