LG could have another smartphone to show us in 2015. According to various reports, the G Flex 2 is in teh works, and the specification could be suitably different to its predecessor. The new bendy phone could make its debut early in 2015, so we’ve gathered all the gossip and rumors up in one place, in anticipation of its announcement. The textured rocker switch and laser-etched style of the center button are similar to the G3, but the design is slightly different. Qualcomm says the phone will have a Snapdragon 800 chip, which we take to mean either a Snapdragon 805 or an 810.

Rumors have suggested the phone will be a considerable improvement over the original, and could feature a Plastic-OLED screen that will be smaller in size than the G Flex, with at least a 1080p resolution. There’s also news the G Flex 2 will retain the G Flex’s interesting self-healing rear panel. The G Flex 2’s body may be even more bendy than before, if LG can perfect the technology in time.

In September 2014, another LG executive mentioned the new phone will be a little smaller than the 6-inch G Flex, but with a higher screen resolution than before, tying in with the new rumors. It’s worth remembering the G Flex had a 720p screen, so a 1080p display would be a step up. LG Display is working hard on flexible P-OLED screens of all sizes, and in early November, a roadmap of its plans showed a new flexible phone scheduled for launch in 2015.

Rumors of the LG G4, along with talk of the G Pro range’s demise, raise the question of where the G Flex 2 will fit into LG’s 2015 line-up. If the G4 does take over as the company’s stylus-equipped Galaxy Note 4 competitor, then the G Flex 2 may slip in as the flagship Android phone with a sensibly sized screen. Particularly as rumors indicate the G Flex 2 will have a smaller screen.

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