Mystery about who the young stars who will be the main character in the film Transformers 4 has now started to unfold. Director Michael Bay has confirmed, that the young artist Jack Reynor will be opposite Mark Wahlberg in the film to 4 on the battle of the robots.


Michael Bay announced the news via his official website on Tuesday (8/1), where he was amazed by the quality of the acting career and Jack in the entertainment world. Michael is optimistic that the choice will not disappoint the fans of Transformers.

"I just signed talented young actors for Transformers 4 will compete acting by Mark Wahlberg. Jack Reynor is a young man from Ireland who HP0-Y43 came to America with a capital of 30 dollars in his wallet. Indeed he had guts. Obviously I found him through the Ireland film and I saw this kid is very talented, "wrote Michael Bay.

And then, where is Shia Labeouf? His handsome face is identical to the robot movie, Shia Labeouf turns out not going to play again in the Transformers saga. Yup, in the fourth Transformers sequel, born June 11, 1986 it was enough to play three Transformers sequel and refused an invitation from DreamWorks to continue the role of Sam Witwicky.

"I'm done." That's what Shia said when asked saga Transformers star will return or not. Shia believes without his presence, Transformers will remain popular. "Sam Witwicky has saved the world three times. If later Sam in Transformers OA0-002 4 will return to save the world, the story would be very strange, "he said when interviewed by the Associated Press.



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