As an American television drama, which started from 2008, True Blood Season is one of the most successful films in America. This movie has a genre of drama supernatural, fantasy, comedy, drama, horror, dark comedy, southern Gothic. Broadcast by the television network HBO, and is produced by HBO in association with Ball's production company, Your Face Goes Here Entertainment. As reported by website, True Blood Season already at the end of its season. Anna Paquin says in the event of the show Tuesday Premiere seventh and final session at Hollywood's Chinese Theater, "It kind of snuck up on me". "We're still working 15 hours a day, so there's not been a lot of reflection yet," she Admitted. "I'm just more worried about Whether or not I will know my lines tomorrow!" as we all know that Anna Paquin is the main player on True Blood season, of the year 2008 - 2014 played in 80 episodes, playing the "Sookie Stackhouse" is one woman with the power to listen to the thoughts of others, and sometimes he was often alone, do not want to socialize with others. True Blood Season 7, be sad for the loyal viewers around the world. Source:,, Image:

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